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Supplements & Vitamins

Whether you sell supplements, vitamins, protein bars, or energy drinks –
Hive offers you the all-in-one, reliable and trustworthy fulfillment solution.

We understand the logistics challenges occurring in the food supplement industry.

As your experienced 3PL partner, we run your logistics operations and deliver
high-quality products to your health-conscious customers.

Why supplements brands choose Hive as a 3PL partner?

Manage all of your operations under one roof
Whether you use Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon or Xentral – easily connect your online shop to Hive’s fulfillment software.

Get access to data analytics, dashboards, real-time overviews, and monitoring of your orders and inventory levels from one single platform.

We know your customers expect your supplements to be available when they need them. This is why we send you accurate re-order notifications to make sure your products are always just a few clicks away.
manage all logistics operations from one software
happy team members meeting customers' expectations
Meet your customers’ expectations
Customers trust you and need the highest product quality when ordering supplements from your shop. This is why we enable batch tracking and ensure that they always receive the correct product.

As your BIO-certified partner, we also store your organic products in our fulfillment centers. Our professional, well-trained team ensures strict quality controls and regular temperature checks.
Same-day fulfillment, two-day delivery
Consumers of energy drinks, protein bars, or any kind of dietary supplements, want fast delivery. That is why we partner with trustworthy carriers and negotiate the best prices for you. 
Check our Hive pricing page.

Distribute your inventory across our multiple fulfillment centers to deliver your products at the highest speed across all countries. We are going pan-European and we enable you to come with us.
fast delivery always on time
branded packaging for supplement brand
Bundles & packaging – tailored to your needs
We know bundles – whether pre-assembled or picked on the spot –are a big deal in the supplements and foods industry. As your 3PL partner, we support you in creating as many as needed.

A product's packaging is your brand’s first impression – and we enable love at first sight. To ensure a unique unboxing experience for your customers, we offer sustainable and branded packaging.
Launch seamlessly with dedicated support
After partnering with Hive, your dedicated account manager will make sure that our logistics operations are up to your standards and that things are running smoothly. 

We are highly flexible, adapt and change our processes to fit your needs. 

Consumer trust is vital in the supplements industry. We work hard to ensure that you are always a trustworthy and reliable brand. Hive is more than just fulfillment: we work closely with you and help you scale.
customers and brand's launch manager shaking hands


What our supplements brands say about Hive

With Hive, fulfillment in new markets becomes plug-and-play. Fast customer service and flexible operations from HIVE enable us to deliver a best-in-class customer experience.
Philipp Nass, Mathias Horsch, Moritz Wahrlich and Frederick Jost
Co-founders and Head of Operations at Holy Energy
We're building Europe's biggest soccer nutrition brand and therefore need international operational excellence on the highest level! The whole HIVE team is fast, hands-on and super ambitious - just like us!
If you're looking for best in class fulfillment - Hive is the place to be!
Stephan Berg & Felix Von Zabiensky
Co-Founders at Matchday Nutrition
Holy Powdered Energy Drinks with > 50% MoM Growth
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