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Get to know the key features of the Hive App, the operational hub for e-commerce brands.


Your all-in-one overview

Access your freight requests, restocking, inventory, orders, returns, and analytics.

No matter what you sell or which sales channels you use, get an entire overview from freight forwarding to final delivery and returns. Filter to see the exact data you want in an instant.

Connect multiple shops

Manage your inventory in one place, even from multiple shops

Get detailed information about what is in stock, available, and what needs to be re-ordered – all in real time. Get notified about restocking when an SKU is running low.

Make inventory management simple and easily link up multiple international stores to one single set of SKUs in the app by using our multi channel feature.

Bundle and partial fulfillment

Combine and separate products in just a few clicks

Easily combine products to be fulfilled together into a bundle, or separate them. Creating bundles can be done in your inventory overview or in the detail view for each product. All affected orders get updated automatically.

Keep your customers happy even when facing an out-of-stock situation. Split orders into separate shipments where only one part can be fulfilled to fulfill orders faster.

Easy freight bookings

Request freight and B2B orders

Easily request freight bookings and keep track of them all in the app. Our freight team can handle all the communication between your supplier and forwarder, meaning all you need to do is request. More on our freight offering here.

Requesting B2B orders is just as straightforward using the manual order creation process. Just select the delivery method, address, and any special requirements you might have.

Return portal

Seamlessly manage and analyze returns

Get an instant overview of what your customers have returned and why. Receive detailed information including photos to add nuance and context to your returns.

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