E-commerce fulfillment for your D2C brand

We solve e-commerce operations – smart and holistically.
Focus on your business' growth. We take care of everything else.

Best in class
All-in-one fulfillment

Seamless integration
Reports, forecasts, tracking – all in real-time
Fast & direct customer service for you: Hive Hub
Return handling
Transparent and flexible pricing
End Customer App
Fulfillment accuracy
Cost saving
Peace of mind

Hive in action

The 5 simple steps to fulfillment with Hive

Scale with Hive

We enable established and launching D2C brands to grow rapidly, expand internationally and deliver faster.

Use our multi-channel feature to integrate new sales channels or several international stores seamlessly with just a few clicks. Benefit from our last-mile delivery and distributed inventory. 
K-Beauty brand Yepoda
expands across Europe
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Holy Energy grows > 50% MoM
– this is how they do it
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Ela Mo saves time by using freight forwarding with Hive
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Why choose Hive?

Stay on top of everything – always

With Hive, you can stay on top of things and can plan your business’ next steps easily with live data on stock, deliveries, returns as well as forecasts and cost analytics.
Create a unique customer experience

We know the importance of a flawless customer experience around delivery.

That is why we ensure the highest quality – at a fast pace.

To create a unique unboxing experience for your customers, we pack each product customized to your needs.
We take responsibility for sustainability

We want to help make the e-commerce industry more sustainable.

We use sustainable packaging and offset CO2 for delivery.
Stay flexible & pay only what you need

No minimum order volume or contract duration.

Our prices are designed transparently to perfectly serve your needs. No subscription fees, no onboarding fees. You pay per order which cuts your delivery and fulfillment prices.

Learn more about our pricing and get a quote.

More than fulfillment

If you have not noticed yet, we do more than just fulfillment.
We are your holistic operations partner and your brand’s operational brain.

If there is something we cannot provide, we know someone who can.

Check out our partner page here.

What our customers say about Hive

All Hive team members are really smart, passionate and driven professionals. You feel it in the communication, as well as in all processes and the software.
Benjamin Berndt
Founder & CEO of Rookie Baby 
Our international expansion would not have been possible without a great logistics partner that ensures excellent customer experience at all times and we can rely on Hive for further growth plans.
Sander van Bladel & Veronika Strotmann
Co-founders at Yepoda

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