Create a memorable unboxing experience with personalized packaging

Packaging is a key touchpoint between you and your customer, but we know it can be a difficult industry. That is why we can support you at every step – from design to delivery. Excite and inspire your customer with custom packaging tailored to your brand’s needs in a hassle free way.

Unbox the best experience for your customers

Everything you need to offer a personalized and sustainable experience

Controlled packaging journey

Your holistic packaging partner

Procuring and designing packaging can be complicated. Hive’s dedicated packaging team can help you with your entire packaging journey – procurement, inventory monitoring, definition of optimal reorder points, proactive reordering, flexible add-ons, and even help you with design.

Low prices

Save money on packaging procurement

As a 3PL partner with multiple merchants, Hive has access to lower prices on packaging procurement since we can request higher volumes.

Personalized branded packaging

Impress your customer with branded packaging

Create a branded experience every step of the way with custom boxes, stickers, fliers, tape, stamps, filling material and more. Or use our Hive standard materials which are always in stock.

Inventory control

Proactive reordering to always stay in stock

We closely monitor your packaging inventory levels based on your weekly usage, safety stock and lead times to find the best time to reorder new custom packaging for you.

Plus, before each new reorder, we give you the option to iterate on your design and update it, free of charge.

Sustainable packaging

Make sustainability part of your branding

We always look out for sustainability when sourcing packaging. Hive standard packaging is made of recyclable cardboard and our Honeycomb filling material is made out of packaging materials that would have otherwise gone to waste.

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Hive is the best option for storing and sending our products with minimal, sustainable packaging.

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