Expand into new markets with operations for scaling D2C brands

Your growth partner. We provide scalable operations to help you grow with us. Test new markets, automate your inventory distribution, and optimize your processes with in depth data and analytics.

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Discover Hive’s solutions for scaling brands

Why do scaling brands choose Hive as their all-in-one operations partner?

New markets

Be empowered to expand your brand into new markets

Unlock the European market with Hive’s network of fulfillment centers across the continent. We can automatically distribute your inventory across locations to get the best delivery times and costs for international markets – all with no additional effort from you.

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Transparent and flexible pricing

Enjoy flexible fulfillment with transparent pricing

Volatile order volumes due to new marketing, product launches are covered easily due to Hive’s flexible fulfillment processes. Make changes and iterate with ease.

Only pay what you need. Use our core service of fulfillment and easily add any extras like freight, packaging, and our customer app.

Grow sustainably

Optimize your processes with analytics and restocking notifications

Get access to in-depth data and analytics in the Hive app to help you streamline your operations. We can monitor your inventory and send you notifications when any SKUs are in danger of going out-of-stock.

Grow sustainably

Cut costs by accessing economies of scale

Our large order volumes secure you the best prices for delivery, freight and individual packaging solutions. Hive knows the importance of sustainable scaling and strongly enables you to scale while keeping costs low.

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CEO and Co-founder at Inkster

With Hive, we were able to grow from 30 shipments/day to up to 1,500 shipments/day. While doing this, we added 350 new SKUs to our product portfolio overnight. We were able to stay close to the process and Hive's short, friendly communication channels make cooperation easy.

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Founder at JACKS beauty line

We switched to Hive as our logistics partner and have never looked back. Every day we are reaffirmed that Hive, as a partner who shares our demands on the customer journey and process optimization, is the best choice.

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