How to navigate Black Friday and the busy Q4 period

What’s inside?

Before Black Friday: what is the right strategy for you?

  • Is Black Friday the right option for your brand?
  • 5 reasons why Black Friday is a great opportunity for your e-commerce brand
  • 5 reasons why you may need to be more cautious when taking part in Black Friday
  • Your Q3 preparations for the most profitable Q4
  • Preparing your website for Q4 (plus checklist)
  • Your advertising and discount strategy
  • Preparing your stock for peak season

During Black Friday: what to do on the day itself

  • Organizing your team for a smooth Black Friday experience
  • Wellbeing tips for you and your team

After Black Friday: ensuring a smooth post-purchase experience

  • 7 top tips to turn first time buyers into loyal customers this Black Friday 2023
  • Returns management for e-commerce success: strategies for peak season 2023

Bonus content:

  • How to make your Back Friday event sustainable

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