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Why do small brands choose Hive as their all-in-one operations partner?


Your holistic operations partner

Monitor your inventory and restocking, organize freight, get notified when SKUs are running low, and optimize your processes with insightful analytics. All in one place.

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Save time and focus on what you do best

We do more than just fulfillment. We can save you time by supporting you with freight forwarding, delivery, order tracking, packaging, and more.

Leave the time consuming logistics challenges to the Hive experts and use the significant time savings to focus on your strengths.


Benefit from flexible fulfillment and easy add-ons. No hidden fees.

Only pay what you need. Use our basic package of storage and fulfillment, or add on extras like custom packaging, multi-channel international stores, end customer app, and more.

We are always transparent about our pricing and proactively communicate at every stage of the partnership. You pay per order and include any add-ons you want. No unexpected fees.

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Ela Mo

Founder of Ela Mo

In this constantly changing environment, it is especially important to us that we are working with a partner which is always looking out for and analyzing the most competitive terms.


Founder at Matchday

We cut our out-of-stock situations by 50% thanks to the bundling and partial fulfillment feature.

Case Study

How Holy enabled 2-day delivery to France with costs savings of 25.5% per order

Learn how Holy partnered with Hive from the beginning to create a highly successful market launch.

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