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Your scalable operations partner. Access our network of fulfillment centers to get the best delivery times and prices across Europe.

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Why do large brands choose Hive as their all-in-one operations partner?

Fully operational support

Your holistic growth partner

Hive is more than just fulfillment. We provide operational support and services in packaging procurement and design, freight forwarding, international delivery, and offer a customer app to track and return orders.

To support your growth you will have an assigned account manager who will proactively support and communicate with you. Plus, you will have a Merchant Leader in the fulfillment center who knows the ins and outs of your brand and packaging, to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Distributed inventory

Streamline your international shops and stock

Connect your international shops to one single set of SKUs in the Hive app to make inventory management simple.

Choose whether you want to store your inventory in one location, or split it across our network of fulfillment centers in Europe. We can optimally distribute your inventory across our locations and transport it there with no additional effort from you.

Save on delivery costs and time by using our distributed inventory model or through our direct injection partners.

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Increase conversion

Increase conversion rates with multiple delivery options

Offer your customer the options they want such as express delivery, international, and cash on delivery.

Your customer will receive the local delivery experience in Europe regardless of whether your inventory is distributed or shipped from one central fulfillment center.

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Holy Pan EU

Head of operations at Holy

With Hive Pan-EU we were able to cut delivery time to France down to 2 days, all while saving 25.5% per order.

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Case Study

This is how Holy enables 2-day delivery to France while saving up to 25.5% per order grows > 50% MoM by partnering with Hive

Learn how Holy partnered with Hive from the beginning to create a highly successful market launch.

Read case study - Holy enables 2-day delivery to France while saving up to 25.5% per order
Read case study

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