About Hive

Better commerce operations for you.

We want to be the operational brain of your D2C company, so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Our values

We are an ambitious and smart team with a shared mission

Level up our customer

We listen to what our customers need and proactively raise the bar for their success.

Trust in ownership

We trust ourselves and others to take ownership of projects, deliver, and iterate effectively.

Caring meritocracy

We are a sports team not a family. We support each other and make the best ideas win, regardless of background.

Deliver and celebrate results

We set ambitious goals and celebrate them together. We take the time to appreciate each other.

Take responsibility for sustainable actions

We strive to monitor our end-to-end impact and pioneer sustainability in our industry.

Voices on Hive

Find out what makes Hive great.

Founder of Rookie Baby

All Hive team members are really smart, passionate and driven professionals. You feel in the communication, as well as in all processes and the software.

Marketing Manager

When I joined Hive as a remote intern, I couldn’t have imagined how far I would grow within the company. I have never been able to live trust in ownership the way I can at Hive. I am proud to be part of this company and dedicated team.

Fulfillment Team

Working at Hive is a motivating experience. Our hard work is appreciated and we celebrate our wins together. By working in the fulfillment center I have been able to further my career and take on more responsibility – I am excited for what comes next!

Open positions

We are looking for talented people

We are a remote friendly team spread all across the world – join us!

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We are a distributed team

We have offices and teams all around Europe.

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