We want to enable anyone to run an e-commerce business

We want to be the operational brain of your D2C company,
so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Our Values

Level up
our customer

in ownership


Deliver and celebrate ambitious results together
Take responsibility
for sustainable actions

Voices on Hive

Ben, Founder of Rookie Baby
All Hive team members are really smart, passionate and driven professionals. You feel in the communication, as well as in all processes and the software.
Ani, Operations Manager at Hive
Hive is exciting. We celebrate together and we hustle together. Last year has been nothing less than a joyful ride, we have come a long way while the early-stage spirit is well alive! I can only say I have been super lucky!
Paulina, Investor at Earlybird VC
The entire team at Hive is driven to build a superior full-stack model to D2C operations – and is extremely strong in executing on it. Naturally, we doubled down our investment in their series A.

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The Hive Story

Q1, 2022
PAR1 Opens
We opened our first fulfillment center outside of Germany, in Paris.
November, 2021
Series A
We raised 29 Million Euros
in our Series A round.
April, 2021
We raised 6.6 Million Euros
in our seed round.
January, 2021
Pre Seed
We raised 1.6 Million Euros
in our pre seed round.
August, 2020
We launched with our first customer.
May, 2020
Oskar, Franz and Leo founded Hive.