Sustainability at Hive

Why sustainability matters to us.

The e-commerce and logistics industry has great potential for sustainable change. We want to lead that change. We constantly monitor our end-to-end impact and consciously evolve our processes to improve Hive's sustainability.

— Franz Purucker
Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Hive

How we do sustainability internally at Hive

Measuring our impact

We consider the environment, society, and governance (ESG) in all decisions and strive to monitor our end-to-end impact.We are in the process of calculating all our emissions from 2021 with our partners, Planetly and Pledge.

Carbon reduction

We also identify potential areas of improvement within Hive after calculating our carbon footprint. Whenever possible we try to change our internal processes and make them more sustainable. We are promoting initiatives internally to reduce our carbon emissions.

Carbon offsetting

Our goal is to become 100% Carbon Neutral. Where emissions cannot be avoided or reduced, we will offset Hive’s direct impact. We are currently establishing an offsetting strategy that fits our interest of investing into high-quality offsetting projects with the biggest climate impact. Here we focus on verified carbon removal projects. Stay tuned for more.

Sustainable packaging

Hive standard materials

Our standard packaging materials are made out of cardboard that can be recycled. Further protective packing material (our “honeycomb”) is made out of old packaging materials that otherwise would have gone to waste.

Sustainable custom packaging

Hive is your holistic packaging partner. We can help you procure the best packaging for your brand made from sustainable materials. When proposing packaging materials we always keep in mind the sustainability aspect of the packaging, both for boxes as well as add-ons.

More on our packaging offering
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Climate neutral delivery

DHL GoGreen

Send your parcels in a climate-neutral way with DHL GoGreen. Half of all DHL deliveries within Germany are already fully emission free, such as delivery on foot, by cargo bikes or electric vehicles.This number is growing as the fleet is continuously converted to include more zero-carbon vehicles. Investments in certified climate protection projects are used to offset the remaining emissions.

DPD Group

The DPDgroup has been carbon-neutral since 2012. Ship across Europe carbon-neutral for no additional cost. This is achieved through the company reducing and avoiding CO2 emissions, using electric vehicles in multiple cities across Germany and purchasing certified green electricity. Unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions are offset by funding clean energy projects around the world.

GLS DE KlimaProtect

Since October 2019, GLS Germany offers 100% climate-neutral delivery for all their parcels, in Germany and abroad. They do this through reduction and avoidance of greenhouse gas emissions, including the expansion of their photovoltaic systems as well as ramping up the usage of electric vehicles in delivery. Unavoidable CO2 emissions produced during parcel transport and business activities are offset through annual investments into various certified projects.


Liefergrün is a leading provider of truly sustainable deliveries in Germany and Austria: Deliveries that don’t f*ck our planet. Liefergrün makes parcel logistics emission-free and customer-friendly. To achieve this, the company relies on deliveries with 100% electric vehicles. Unavoidable emissions are removed where they occurred. Liefergrün is a proud supporter of a forest protection project from Pina Earth in Germany.

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