Pioneer the end customer experience

Use Hive’s customizable app to communicate order status with your customers and seamlessly keep them in the loop with any updates.

Your customers can track and see their order history, change their address, choose returns, and generate returns labels with ease.

Deliver on time and under control

Let your customers track their orders and download return labels

Deliver fast

Resolve address problems to deliver without delay

When an invalid address is detected, your customer will be sent an email to check it. The customer can then update their address in a portal customized by you.

This leads to increased customer satisfaction as orders are fulfilled and delivered without delay.

Send tracking emails

Create excitement and solve problems with tracking emails

When there is an update in the order process, you can inform your customer automatically via a customizable email. 

They can also check the status of their order via a tracking portal with their order and delivery information. This can help with problem solving, as well as creating a sense of excitement when the order is shipped.

Return portal

Allow seamless customer returns

Let your customer select the items they want to return in the returns portal, including the number of items and reason for return. Having access to return reasons can help you analyze and identify patterns.

Your customer can then download the returns label and easily send the delivery back.

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Founder at Dabòn

Il software è intuitivo. Grazie alla perfetta integrazione con la nostra piattaforma Shopify e alla continua interazione e feedback con il team Account Management di Hive, la gestione della logistica e supply chain è ora uno dei punti di forza della nostra proposta.

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Luve wine

Co-founder at Luve

Un partner logistico efficiente. Interfaccia user-friendly, funzioni personalizzabili, analisi dei dati e reportistica. Fin dall'inizio è andato tutto liscio. Lavoriamo con Hive come partner logistico da un po' di tempo e non potremmo essere più che soddisfatti del livello di servizio offerto.

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Dreamin 101

Project manager at Deamin*101

L'outsourcing era un passo necessario per rendere il nostro marchio il più scalabile possibile.Abbiamo scelto Hive per la proposta completa e la comodità di monitorare e gestire tutte le operazioni con un'unica app. Inoltre, siamo rimasti colpiti dalla grande flessibilità, dalla trasparenza dell'offerta e dalla presenza di un account manager dedicato.

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Fondateur et CEO chez Fruggies

À chaque interaction que j'ai eue avec Hive, j’ai toujours eu l’impression que vous aviez une volonté d’aller plus loin. L’équipe de Hive trouve toujours des idées supplémentaires pour réduire les coûts et pour vraiment trouver un équilibre afin d’entamer une grosse collaboration dans les meilleures conditions.

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Head of operations at Holy

With Hive, fulfillment in new markets becomes plug-and-play.

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Founder at JACKS beauty line

We switched to Hive as our logistics partner and have never looked back. Every day we are reaffirmed that Hive, as a partner who shares our demands on the customer journey and process optimization, is the best choice.

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