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Are you a WooCommerce user who needs a partner able to take care of your fulfillment? Hive’s software seamlessly integrates with your WooCommerce shop providing you first-class fulfillment and operations. Discover why Hive is the best solution for your operational needs.

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CEO and Co-founder at Inkster

With Hive, we were able to grow from 30 shipments/day to up to 1,500 shipments/day. While doing this, we added 350 new SKUs to our product portfolio overnight. We were able to stay close to the process and Hive's short, friendly communication channels make cooperation easy.

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Head of operations at Holy

With Hive, fulfillment in new markets becomes plug-and-play.

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Founder at JACKS beauty line

We switched to Hive as our logistics partner and have never looked back. Every day we are reaffirmed that Hive, as a partner who shares our demands on the customer journey and process optimization, is the best choice.

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Ela Mo

Founder of Ela Mo

In this constantly changing environment, it is especially important to us that we are working with a partner which is always looking out for and analyzing the most competitive terms.

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Founder at Rookie

All Hive team members are really smart, passionate and driven professionals. You feel it in the communication, as well as in all processes and the software.

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Closest Loop

Co-founder of The Closest Loop

We were super happy to have Hive on our side to support us not only with fulfillment, but with operations knowledge to help us grow.

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Co-founder at Matchday

The whole Hive team is fast, hands-on and super ambitious – just like us. If you're looking for best in class fulfillment – Hive is the place to be!

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Who is Hive?

Hive is your all-round operations partner that allows you to easily take care of every step of the warehousing, shipping, and inventory management process, tailored to your company’s needs. Whether you need to organise the transportation of your goods or need a launch pad to expand into new markets, Hive is for you.

Complete fulfillment
No intermediaries
Freight and expansion
Easy and transparent

How does Hive work?

Making use of Hive is as simple as it gets. Our software is a comprehensive support for everything on the logistics side of your business and gives you a complete overview of key data such as inventory, SKUs and any return procedures.
Hive is the ideal complement to all major e-commerce platforms, such as Woocommerce.

Stocks’ processing

SKU procedures

Returns’ process

An international network: Berlin, Paris and Milan

Pan-EU expansion

Seamless WooCommerce integration

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How to combine Hive and your WooCommerce shop

1. Connect your WooCommerce shop - our integration is simple: you can do this without having to write a single line of code
2. Your customer creates an order in your shop and it is received in the Hive fulfillment center
3. Our skilled fulfillment team picks and packs your order on the same day, and sends it out with the optimal carrier.

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Why choose Hive for your Woocommerce brand

Thanks to our easy integration, Hive is ready to go in a few minutes and allows you to combine your e-commerce platform with first-class fulfillment and a complete operational overview in the Hive App. From SKUs to freight forwarding, from shipping to returns management, Hive offers a complete solution that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Connect your brand

Introduce your business

Connect your items

Insert SKU and barcode

How much does WooCommerce cost?

Here's the good news: WooCommerce is completely free! You won't have to pay a penny, either for the plug-in itself or to use WordPress, the platform connected to it. The only costs you will have to take into account will be those related to hosting, design and any advanced features that your site will be able to offer to potential customers.

Why integrate your online shop to Hive

With Hive, you can let us deal with the operations side of your brand while you take care of marketing and product development.

Seamlessly run all your operations in just one place and forget about all the complexities and challenges posed by fulfillment and operations: with Hive, you can put them on autopilot!

Your fulfillment solutions with Hive

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