Ship across Europe and the UK with Hive Pan-EU

Sell across Europe and the UK easily and at a lower cost with Hive’s Pan-EU fulfillment solution.

Hive optimally distributes and stores your inventory in our fulfillment centers throughout Europe with no additional operational work for you.

  • Expansion into new markets
  • Delivery at local costs and speed
  • Maximized time and cost savings

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Founder at Jack Beauty

Hive’s Pan-EU fulfillment with automated inventory distribution reduced our delivery time to 1 day.


Founder at Yepoda

Hive solved our fulfillment nightmare. Fast pick & pack, great custom packaging.


Founder at Rookie

We have grown our orders by 250% with Hive’s international delivery options.


Founder at Matchday

We cut our out-of-stock situations by 50% thanks to the bundling and partial fulfillment feature.

Build something great

We are doing the heavy lifting so you do not have to.


Fulfillment accuracy


Same-day fulfillment


Next day delivery

How can you benefit from Hive Pan-EU?

Grow internationally by expanding to new markets while benefiting from local rates.

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Delivery costs optimization

Cut costs with local delivery prices

Make significant savings by delivering locally rather than dealing with expensive international shipping. Hive will also optimize for delivery prices, speed, and inventory availability - keeping costs low and supporting your overall growth.

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2 days delivery

Cut delivery times and deliver to the European market in 2 days

Hive splits your inventory across our network of fulfillment centers, reducing your delivery time significantly. We are currently operating in Germany, France, and Italy, with Spain and the UK on the horizon in 2022.

You get local delivery speeds by shipping domestically within the largest markets in Europe and substantially reduced shipping time to smaller markets across the continent.

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Personalized support

Distribute and optimize your inventory with no additional effort

We organize freight from your supplier to one of our fulfillment centers. Then, based on forecasting, our algorithm calculates how much of your inventory to put into each fulfillment location and we move it. No additional effort from you. This will save you time and minimize your out-of-stock rate.

When shipping internationally we always optimize for prices based on our different locations with no fixed rules. Our decision making is always based on data and optimization.

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New markets

Scale your brand through easy expansion into new markets

Simplify your expansion into new markets by letting Hive’s team of experts take on the operational challenges. We can split your inventory across our fulfillment network or use direct injection to quickly ship internationally at low cost.

More than just pick, packing and shipping

Your end-to-end operations partner


Fast, flexible and reliable through Hive’s single source fulfillment centers and software

Hive App

Manage your operations in one place - stay on top of your inventory, manage restocking, book freight, and more


Delivery across Europe in just two days with Hive Pan-EU


Personalized branded packaging or Hive’s brown boxes - you decide


Book via Hive’s dedicated support team with great rates and no headaches

Customer Experience App

Use Hive’s customizable app to communicate order status with your customer and relive your support team


Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Hive Pan-EU

What benefits does Hive’s Pan-EU offer to your business?

Hive Pan-EU offers you easy access to the European market. We calculate how much of your stock you need in our different locations and organize transport between them. With Hive’s Pan-EU, you optimize your costs and delivery time since products are close to your customer and less likely to go out-of-stock.

How do I manage my inventory across different locations?

Manage your inventory from one place — your Hive App. In the app you will have a total overview of your inventory and get notified about restocking. When restocking, we can calculate how much stock to send and organize the transport from the supplier or fulfillment center. Once we receive your inventory, Hive distributes your SKUs across our different fulfillment centers.

Does Pan-EU make sense for your business?

Hive Pan-EU makes sense to help grow your business if you see potential for a large order volume in more than one EU market.

Send your products across Europe and the UK now!

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