Beauty & Cosmetics

Whether you sell makeup, cosmetics, haircare, or skincare products,
we ensure fast, safe, and reliable fulfillment with 99+% accuracy.

We understand the logistics challenges in the beauty industry,
and we are here to help scale your business and decrease
operational complexity.

Why beauty brands choose Hive as a 3PL partner?

Worry-free inventory planning for your cosmetics brand
Sync multiple shops into one fulfillment platform and check your inventory, order, restocking, and return statuses in real-time.

Our analytics dashboard allows you to stay on top of your data – even if you use multiple fulfillment locations in parallel.

Our team is ready to support and coordinate your marketing campaigns and handles increasing demand smoothly.
real-time dashboards to plan your inventory
Create a memorable unboxing experience
Giving your customers a unique unboxing experience with every purchase is crucial in the cosmetics and beauty industry and lets you recreate a personal shopping experience without going brick-and-mortar.

We offer sustainable, branded packaging with custom boxes, filling materials, pamphlets, and handwritten cards.

We would also love to support you in creating customized bundles.
Storing cosmetics correctly – temperature checks at Hive's fulfillment center
Skincare products require safe storage with regular quality control, especially during warmer months. 

Our professional, well-trained team ensures regular temperature checks, and we are certified to store your organic products.
Your high-end cosmetics products are safe with us.

More in-depth knowledge on storing and fulfilling cosmetics here.

safe storage for cosmetics
fast delivery and happy customer
Fast and sustainable delivery
In order to offer your customer the best fit of fast delivery and good pricing, we partner with all the main carriers and negotiate the best prices for you.
Check our Hive pricing page.

As a conscious brand, environmentally-friendly shipping is crucial, and we offer you carbon-neutral delivery options. 
Expand into new markets with Hive
Looking to grow your cosmetics brand in other markets?

Go single-source and benefit from our strategically located fulfillment centers in Germany, France, Milan and many more to come. We are going pan-European, and we want to take you with us.

After partnering with Hive, your dedicated account manager will make sure that you have everything you need to scale your brand.

Find out more about how Hive can help you expand into new markets here.
expansion into new markets with Hive
customer application to track orders
Increase customer loyalty and CX with the customer app
Being in the beauty industry means investing in long-term relationships with your customers.

Enable your customers to track their order, change their address or announce returns with your branded customer app powered by Hive.

This means a smoother user experience for your customer and fewer support requests for your team.

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What cosmetics brands say about Hive

Co-founders at Yepoda beauty brand
Our international expansion would not have been possible without a great logistics partner that ensures excellent customer experience at all times and we can rely on Hive for further growth plans.
Sander van Bladel & Veronika Strotmann
Co-founders at Yepoda
Founder at Jacks beauty line cosmetics brand
We switched to Hive as our logistics partner and have never looked back. Every day we are reaffirmed that Hive, as a partner who shares our demands on the customer journey and process optimization, is the best choice.
Miriam Jacks
Founder at Jacks Beauty line


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Expansion into new markets
Choosing the right 3PL partner
Optimizing logistics operations

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