How e-commerce brands
run their operations

Single source service, software, and operations helps you manage your brand from sourcing to final delivery. Because D2C operations shouldn’t be frustrating, period.
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Best-in-class software & operations,
an all-in-one solution.
We build tools and processes to fully empower creators like yourself.
Running fulfillment operations ourselves allows us to always deliver highest-quality service.
Insights. At all times.
Operations data directly from our warehouses, at all times. Get an overview of fulfillment speed, resolve issues, and immediately let us know how to handle return cases.
Hive Fulfillment.
Not new. Just better. We know that D2C brands have special needs. Running operations ourselves allows us to cater to that. We’re not re-inventing the wheel, we’re just doing it better than others and truly care about your needs.
Customers first.
Customized packaging, direct communication via Slack, individual service requests, and more. We enable you.
Full price transparency.
No hidden or upfront costs. Fixed price-per-order, taking into account your business and expansion needs. Bye-bye convoluted invoicing processes.
Inventory visibility.
Stock levels, order management, predictive forecasting for restocking, and more — all you need, in one place.
And most importantly:
no barriers to entry.
No minimum order volumes. No hoops to jump through. We believe in being a growth partner starting with the first parcel.
Building for the e-commerce ecosystem,
and beyond.
Shop platform integrations, freight forwarding partnerships, packaging procurement,
carrier relationships — Hive optimizes all parts of your supply chain.
You're in great company,
welcome to Hive.
We’re proud to already be working with some of the most exciting Direct-to-Consumer brands out there.

We cannot wait to work with you.

Built with 💛 and
in Berlin
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