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Do you want to give your customers the ability to track their orders quickly and easily? With Hive, you can!

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Written by
Marco Meneghetti
Published on
September 26, 2022

Giving customers total order transparency can be a huge win for D2C brands. Allowing customers to track and edit order information can help prevent misunderstandings and cut down on unnecessary “where is my order” requests.

You can offer your customers this transparency by sending automated emails using Hive’s Customer App. Interested in finding out how? In this blog post we will cover: 

  1. What are tracking emails?
  2. How can tracking emails benefit you?
  3. Why working with Hive is the right solution for your D2C brand

What are tracking emails?

Tracking emails are a series of e-mail messages automatically sent to the buyer once an order is placed. At each new step in the shipping process, the customer receives a message that updates them regarding the status of their package, such as when it left the warehouse, when it was entrusted to the courier, and so on.

How can tracking emails benefit you?

When it comes to customer support, one of the most frequently asked questions is, "Where is my package?" Customers can become frustrated if there is a lack of clarity regarding their order status.

By sending automated email updates to your customers, you can:

  • Cut down on the volume of inquiries directed to customer support
  • Give your customers clarity about every step of the shipping process
  • Create a sense of trust between you and your customers

Plus, in the event that the package has been delivered to a place other than the address given by the customer, such as to a neighbor, receptionist, or delivery point, the customer will receive an e-mail containing the exact delivery point at which to go to pick up the order. Again, the question "where is my package?" will be answered without the need to contact customer support agents.

What Hive offers you

Thanks to Hive, you can send your customers personalized emails and change settings directly from the e-commerce platform you use for your online store, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Xentral and many more.

Here are the fields that you can control directly:

  • Brand name
  • CC address (to which to forward all customer e-mails)
  • Reply-to address (for any replies from the customer)
  • Sender's address (

Plus, the following variables can be personalized inside all text fragments:

  • Brand Name
  • Customer First Name
  • Customer Last Name
  • Order Number

In addition, you can also customize the header, footer and signature within the e-mails with the colors and logo of your company.

Discover Hive’s Customer App

With Hive, you not only have the ability to send personalized emails to your customers related to the tracking of their order. With Hive’s Customer App, they will be able to: 

  • Monitor the progress of their shipment; 
  • Manage the eventual return process of their orders, such as by printing return labels with just a few clicks, allowing the company to focus only on the refund process while still having an accurate and reliable history of the reasons for the return in their hands;
  • Resolving issues -like knowing a package’s whereabouts- for which they would otherwise have to go to customer support, with the possibility of suffering subsequent queues and delays.

This leads to a reduction in the volumes and costs related to a company's customer support, whether in-house or outsourced, and gives the customer access to true "self-service" related to their order-a decidedly convenient and cheaper solution than the extras caused by a process that is not smooth and intuitive.

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