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How to best manage your e-commerce packaging with Hive

Discover how Hive can help you along every step of your packaging journey

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Written by
Marco Meneghetti
Published on
August 19, 2022

When we talk about e-commerce, packaging plays a key role: it is the first concrete point of contact the customer establishes with the brand.

According to a recent study, companies that demonstrate a strong focus on packaging experienced a 30 percent increase in consumer interest. Similar research found that consumers now consider packaging almost as important as the brand and the product itself. 

For this reason, it is very important to focus on curated and unmistakable packaging, but this cannot always be managed in-house. Fortunately, Hive offers D2C brands of any size the ability to manage every single aspect of their packaging, from design to final creation. Let's find out how.

Packaging design

In order to get an unmistakable packaging, you need unmistakable design. 52% of people who shop online are more likely to repeat a purchase from a company if they receive their order contained in custom packaging. 

With Hive, you have the opportunity to connect with designers and industry experts who will guide you step-by-step through the process of devising dream boxes as well as flyers, stickers and other promotional materials to add to each order. In addition, you can choose to use our standard packaging materials. 

Packaging creation

Once you have decided how to wow your customers, it is time to take care of the physical creation of your packaging. Does setting out to find the right partner scare you? Don't worry: that is what we at Hive are here for, and we will contact the suppliers that are right for you and negotiate with them on the best price for your brand and needs. 

In fact, thanks to the high volume of orders we handle on a daily basis, we are able to have access to the best deals for each of our clients.

Inventory management and reordering

Now that your packaging is ready, it is important not to lose track of it. With Hive you have the ability to constantly monitor the level of stock available so you can avoid nasty surprises, as well as have a complete overview of everything about your inventory. 

Afraid of running out of packaging? No worries, you can place a reorder at any time. Not only that, before each new request for additional inventory you will have the opportunity to review and possibly change the design of your packaging, at no additional cost.

Packaging sustainability

Having aesthetically unique packaging is very important, but it is not the only element you need to make your brand unique. Your choice of materials plays an equally important role in the effect you will have on your customers and especially on the environment: it is estimated that common packaging produces more than 78 million tons of waste each year.

That is why Hive offers you the option of choosing entirely sustainable packaging, from recycled cardboard to Honeycomb, the filler material derived from discarded wrappers and packaging which we offer to our German customers. Because the sustainability of your brand already starts with the packaging you choose for your products.

Packaging optimization

There are hundreds of different products, depending on the industry in which your brand operates-we at Hive know this. That is why we don't just help you bring to life the best possible packaging for each of your orders, but we tailor solutions for each individual item. 

For example, did you know that there is the option of using scented packaging materials? The best way to delight even your customers' sense of smell when they open their package!

Learn more about your packaging with Hive

As we have seen, making unmistakable packaging requires a lot of steps, from design to material selection, from supplier work to inventory management. This is why it is very important to rely on a partner like Hive, who can take care of and manage every step of the process. You take care of your brand development, we take care of the rest. 

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