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Deliver with Liefergrün to give your customers zero emission delivery

57% of customers expect companies to be taking responsibility for sustainability. Find out how to further inspire your customers with sustainable delivery.

A liefergrün delivery rider delivers to a customer
Written by
Celine Becherer
Published on
November 2, 2022

In Germany, around 4.51 billion parcels were sent in 2021 - 11.2 percent more than in the previous year. Growth of as much as 4.7 percent is forecast up to 2026, meaning that around 5.7 billion shipments are expected. Total revenue in the courier express parcel market (CEP market) in Germany rose by 14.3 percent in 2021, i.e. to 26.9 billion euros. 

This rapid increase in parcel deliveries is accompanied by a corresponding rise in returns. Last year, around 530 million parcels were returned in Germany alone - equivalent to 795,000 tons of CO₂. 

In addition to the desire for a smooth shopping experience, the desire for sustainability is also increasingly coming to the fore. According to a consumer study by Ernst & Young, 57 percent of respondents in Germany expect companies to actively take responsibility, become more sustainable and offer sustainable products. 36 percent of the consumers surveyed are willing to pay a premium for sustainable goods and services.

How can companies meet the demand for sustainable solutions?

As the number of parcels shipped continues to increase each year, it is imperative to make every step of the supply chain sustainable. 

As mentioned earlier, it is expected that around 5.7 billion parcels will be sent in Germany alone in 2026. With an average of 500 grams of CO₂ per parcel for first-time delivery (and as much as 1100 grams of CO₂ for second-time delivery over the last mile), it quickly becomes clear that action is needed. Until now, conventional supply chains have been responsible for 80 percent of greenhouse gas emissions and 90 percent of environmental impact.

Along with sourcing and using sustainable packaging materials and raw materials, sustainable delivery is arguably the most important aspect of a green supply chain. Sustainable delivery can save up to 50 percent of CO₂ emissions. 

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The all-important last mile

Anyone in logistics will have heard the term "last mile" more often than any other CEP term. The reason: compared to long-distance transport, it is more complex, more expensive and less efficient. Few consumers coordinate their orders to receive multiple packages with one delivery at the same time. Most of the time, only one or two products are delivered in one order. The time and cost involved is difficult to scale - especially when returns are also included.

For example, the volume of parcels at peak times, such as Black Friday or Christmas, cannot be compared with the summer months when people tend to be on vacation - so flexibility on capacity is key. It is also difficult to plan for traffic congestion, parking spaces and customer accessibility. 

Moreover, since different customers are delivered every day, no standardized route can be planned. Rather, routes vary from day to day - so technology for route planning must be used cleverly so that they are maximally efficient. In addition, suppliers are in direct contact with customers. 

If the delivery is delayed or there are complications, the delivery experience can be perceived negatively - even though the logistics were running smoothly beforehand.

Delivery by cargo bike

One solution for sustainable delivery, for example, is delivery by cargo bike. Experts believe that cargo bikes can save almost 90 percent of CO₂ emissions compared to diesel delivery trucks. 

In addition, researchers at the Technical University of Munich and the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt conducted a study to take a closer look at the cities of Munich and Regensburg in terms of their cargo bike potential. The result: One seventh of the CO₂ emissions caused by deliveries can be saved by switching to cargo bikes. 

Another advantage of cargo bikes is that they are not tied to car roads, which means they can get around the city faster and even allow deliveries to be made on the day the order is placed. 

Especially in today's highly competitive e-commerce market, cargo bikes are already making a big difference in urban logistics: A full 75 percent of participants in a study on customer satisfaction said they clearly preferred sustainable shipping.

Deliver with Liefergrün for sustainable last mile

With Hive and Liefergrün working together, your business can now easily integrate zero-emissions shipping into the delivery process. Your customers will love the sustainable delivery option.

You can currently offer delivery with Liefergrün to your customers in Berlin, and we are constantly working on expanding to new areas. Via our Shopify integration, we can ensure that only customers whose delivery address is in the Liefergrün catchment area see the Liefergrün option.

In addition, with delivery green you minimize the waiting time of your customers through next-day delivery.

And instead of simply forwarding the parcel to a parcel store in case of non-delivery, Liefergrün directly offers your community a personal second delivery. The same will apply to potential returns in the near future.

Liefergrün creates transparency. Your community receives a tracking link that informs them exactly where the order is. If there are any questions, the Liefergrün customer support is available to your community within minutes.

And best of all: Liefergrün delivers completely emission-free. Instead of just compensating for carbon emissions, as some conventional shipping service providers do, delivery is absolutely sustainable through the use of cargo bikes and e-vans. 

Green delivery is worth it. By partnering with Hive and Liefergrün, you have the opportunity to provide your community with not only convenient and hassle-free delivery, but emission-free delivery on top of that. Check out Liefergrün website to learn more about the service, or talk to your Hive account manager about last-mile delivery with Liefergrün.

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