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Why using Hive’s Domestic Mix can save you up to 36% on delivery costs

Hive's Domestic Mix combines the best services from multiple carriers, tailored to your business. Find out how it works here.

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Written by
Nicola Stebbing
Published on
September 16, 2022

For scaling D2C brands, negotiating with delivery carriers can be challenging. Working with just one carrier can be limiting if they do not offer everything you need, or if they do not provide optimal service to certain areas where you have a customer base. However, negotiating a new contract with another carrier can seem daunting. 

This is where working with a 3PL partner like Hive can help. Hive has a large portfolio of delivery partners and can give you access to the optimal carrier for each shipment using Hive’s Domestic Mix.

In this blog post we will cover what the Domestic Mix is, how it can save you time and money, and give your customers the delivery experience they want.

What is Hive’s Domestic Mix?

Hive’s Domestic Mix is a unique delivery offering that combines the services of multiple carriers to provide e-commerce brands with the best possible delivery experience.

In the mix, Hive optimizes carrier selection for your brand. This gives you the best delivery service for each shipment based on carrier cost (according to parcel weight and dimensions) and quality (factoring in delivery speed for specific regions, service disruptions, and carrier performance).

How exactly does Hive’s Domestic Mix benefit you?

1. Up to 36% cost savings and one delivery price

Working with a 3PL partner with a large portfolio of carriers means that you can get the most competitive rates. In fact, Hive’s Domestic Mix is up to 36% cheaper than standard carrier customer rates and it provides additional savings on key services such as returns and cash-on-delivery.

As well as getting you the best rates with rigorous carrier negotiations, Hive keeps it simple and transparent with one delivery price. There are no hidden surcharges.

This makes your planning easier as delivery costs will remain steady and competitive, and it frees up time to focus on selling.

2. Fast and flexible delivery 

Hive has a team of delivery experts who track delivery speeds across carriers and know which carrier performs best in each region, meaning your customers will get fast delivery from the optimal carrier in Hive’s Domestic Mix.

Using a mix of carriers can also give you peace of mind during busy periods or times of service disruption such as a strike. If one carrier is underperforming, Hive can easily steer your volume towards a different provider to ensure your customers receive their order on time.

Having delivery optimized for speed and quality helps you keep your customers happy. Delivery experience is a key part of the interaction your customers have with your brand, so having a smooth and speedy process will encourage brand loyalty.

3. High quality service with sustainable delivery options

Hive’s Domestic Mix mixes the best services of multiple carriers to give you and your customers a higher quality delivery experience. Customers across Europe have different delivery expectations. For example, many customers in France use parcel points, and in Spain and Italy, cash-on-delivery is an expected delivery method. 

Not every individual carrier offers these delivery methods, but by working with multiple carriers in Hive’s Domestic Mix you can fulfill these needs.

Ever increasingly, customers are looking for green and sustainable delivery options. According to a Sifted survey, 91% of respondents wanted an “eco-friendly shipping” option at checkout. Furthermore, 57% said they were willing to pay an extra 10% or more for eco-friendly shipping and packaging. 

With partners such as Liefergrün in the Domestic Mix, you can offer carbon neutral delivery which can incentivize consumers looking for a more sustainable shopping experience.

Working with Hive gives you the best possible delivery service

Working with Hive for your delivery saves you time, money, and the stress of negotiation. With the Domestic Mix, Hive optimizes carrier selection to give you and your customers the best possible delivery experience.

Interested in learning more about Hive’s offering? Find out more about Hive's delivery service and request a quote here.