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5 ways custom packaging can help scale your beauty brand

In the beauty industry, creating a memorable unboxing experience is crucial. Custom packaging is a great way to communicate your brand positioning and values to your customer. Hive can be your holistic packaging partner. Find out more here.

April 14, 2022

Custom packaging is crucial in the beauty industry. Especially in the age of viral unboxing videos, how your products are packaged is a key factor to consider. This article will explain why custom packaging is a great branding tool, what to look for, and how Hive can help you with the entire process.

Here is what you will learn in this blog post:

  • Why use custom packaging for your cosmetics products
  • 5 ways custom packaging can help scale your cosmetics brand
  • The power of a memorable unboxing in building your beauty brand
  • Hive: your holistic packaging partner for your beauty brand

Why use custom packaging for your cosmetic products

As the e-commerce market has grown, so has the demand for custom packaging. Brands have quickly realized that packaging can be just as representative of their brand as the product itself. Especially in the beauty industry, packaging says a lot about your product and brand positioning, and for pure e-commerce brands, it is the first physical touchpoint between you and your customers. And first impressions count.

5 ways custom packaging can help scale your cosmetics brand

1. Reflect your cosmetics brand identity with your personalized packaging

Imagine buying a new iPhone and it arrives in a paper bag. It would not be the same bespoke unboxing experience that you might expect from Apple. A high-quality product in low-quality packaging can make a bad impression and make the product appear to be of lower value. Packaging needs to reflect the product and the brand identity. 

How? You could for example design your packaging in your brand colors and have your logo displayed on the exterior of the box, making it the first thing your customer sees. This means your customer already recognizes your beauty brand without even opening it to see the product, and this creates a sense of excitement. 

Hive can help you create this excitement. As your holistic packaging partner, we can help you from procurement to design, making sure your customer has the best experience. We can also include other add-ons such as a personalized flier to say thank you for purchasing, stickers, and more. If you want to find out more about how Hive’s services can help you, read on.

2. Presenting and protecting your cosmetics products in custom packaging

When it comes to packaging, what’s on the inside also counts. Protecting your products is just as important as how the box looks. It is difficult to predict how the final courier will handle your packages so it is advisable to pack them in protective material. This could be wrapping paper, tissue paper, shredded and recycled cardboard. Good protection for your products also means a lower rate of returns since fewer products will get damaged during shipping.

3. Keep sustainability in mind for your e-commerce packaging strategy and use Hive’s eco-friendly cosmetics packaging

The topic of sustainability in particular has become a central aspect in the lives of conscious consumers. In a study conducted by, sixty-nine percent of participants said that environmental friendliness or fair production was particularly important to them in personal care and cosmetics products. In the same study, seventy-one percent of participants said they paid attention to sustainable packaging when buying online.

Hive’s standard materials are made out of recyclable cardboard and our protective packing material is made out of packaging materials that would have otherwise gone to waste. 

4. Save money with Hive’s custom packaging service

Hive helps you keep your packaging costs low with a holistic service. We source materials from various manufacturers in bulk, keeping your costs down. We also renegotiate prices to keep them permanently low. In addition, we automatically track your inventory to reorder new packaging in a timely manner. And before each reorder, we can change or adapt your design.

When it comes to packaging, sometimes less is more. For example, if your product is very sturdy and doesn't need extra protection, you can eliminate internal padding and save money. Our team will take care of all your packaging needs. From the initial idea to sourcing the right materials, to design and automatic reordering. Every step of the way. 

5. Build a community by adding a personal touch to your cosmetics custom packaging

There are many ways to communicate with your community, even as a pure e-commerce brand. Building a good community means acquiring loyal customers who are happy to repeatedly purchase from your brand. 

An often overlooked communication channel is the packaging. For example, you can express your appreciation by enclosing a personal thank-you card with your products, or by including a message on the box. Our team is happy to advise you.

Yepoda products in custom packaging

The power of a memorable unboxing on building your beauty brand

If you follow the above tips, nothing should stand in the way of a good unboxing for your customer. Unboxing as a global trend originated on YouTube: according to Google Trends, the first search queries for the word "unboxing" occurred in 2006. The first unboxing video was published by Yahoo, unboxing a Nokia E61. 

Brands have realized through the unboxing trend that customers not only pay attention to the products, but also place a lot of value on the packaging. According to a study by GWP Group, fifty-two percent of online shoppers surveyed said they would be very likely to order again from a brand when they received products in individual packaging. 

Having memorable packaging means your customer is more likely to remember your brand and shop there again. Additionally, the effect of a “shareable” experience should not be overlooked. If the unboxing experience is satisfying for the customer, they might also consider posting it on social media, providing free advertising for your beauty brand. Furthermore, if you use influencer marketing, an unboxing video could be engaging content.

Custom packaging for cosmetics brands including flier, glass bottles, and packaging box

Your holistic packaging partner for your beauty brand

At Hive, we cater to the individual needs of your cosmetic brand so that you can give your customers a memorable unboxing experience. The only thing you need to bring is your cosmetic products themselves. 

Our custom packaging service covers everything from design to delivery and automatic reordering. We can source your custom packaging boxes and can provide you with sustainable packaging materials at the best price. But how does it work?

Procuring your custom packaging boxes and other materials at low cost

We know that despite its importance, packaging can be a difficult industry with long lead times and difficult communication with suppliers. We want to support you by taking on packaging procurement. As a 3PL partner with multiple merchants, we have access to lower prices on packaging procurement since we can request higher volumes and build relationships with suppliers.

Designing custom packaging: boxes, stickers, fliers, tape, stamps, filling material and more.

Our team can help you with designing your packaging to make sure your packaging has an impact, and your customer has a memorable unboxing experience worthy of an Instagram story or TikTok video. 

As a 3PL partner experienced with cosmetics brands, we have valuable insights into packaging design which is functional and fashionable. Plus, you can also use our standard unprinted packaging. We always have this in stock and it is made out of recyclable cardboard.

Proactive packaging reordering to make sure you are always in stock

We closely monitor your packaging inventory levels based on your weekly usage, safety stock and lead times to find the best time to reorder new custom packaging for you. Plus, before each new reorder, we give you the option to iterate on your design and update it, free of charge.

Fast delivery throughout Europe and professional storage of your beauty products 

Hive takes care of the correct storage of your beauty products and undertakes regular quality checks. 

We have optimally connected fulfillment centers in Germany, France, and Italy, with more countries on the roadmap. We are building a pan-European network of Hive-managed fulfillment centers and want to take you and your beauty brand with us.

Read all about cosmetics and beauty fulfillment with Hive here.