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How vetevo makes individualized kits simple with Hive

Want a happy, healthy life for your four legged friend? With their team of biologists, veterinarians, laboratory technicians, and engineers, vetevo has built at-home testing kits for pets. At their laboratory, they analyze several hundred samples from dogs, horses and cats every day for worms, allergies and DNA.

Since vetevo deals with something so important – the health and wellbeing of people’s pets – customer trust is of the utmost importance to the team. Their desire to have a personal, trusting relationship with their customers is mirrored in their business partnerships. When looking to outsource logistics, the team wanted a partner that they could feel personally connected to and trust with their operations processes. That is why they turned to Hive.

Trust in Hive thanks to a personal relationship

“We talked to a few other companies, but with Hive the whole package was right for us”, explains Mareile, co-founder and CEO of vetevo. “From the beginning we felt very well taken care of on an interpersonal level. We knew that if there were issues or more complex processes, Hive had our best interests at heart and would work with us to proactively find and create the best solution.”

Mareile was particularly happy that working with Hive felt like a true partnership with each company helping the other to grow and develop. “Hive actively integrates companies in their own growth, inquires what features we need and then implements them”, she explains.

This was especially true of the kitting process, for which vetevo had some requirements that Hive was happy to fulfill.

Creating individualized kits is made simple in the Hive App

vetevo offers its customers a variety of test boxes, and this means kitting each one together before fulfillment. Kitting is the process in which products are put together before they are picked and packed. Find out more about what kitting means in this blog post.

Kitting plays a crucial role in vetevo’s fulfillment process as the team must be sure that each test box contains the correct individual components. Hive is then responsible for the kit boxes: that they are folded properly, contain the right components, and that the right return label is added.

vetevo sells five different test categories and each of them also differs by animal. This means that they end up with a large number of kitting processes. 

However, keeping track of this complex kitting is simple with the Hive App. Each step can be defined exactly in the kitting request and supplemented with pictures and videos. Then, they can track the status of their kitting requests in their overview.

“By adding images and videos we ensure that all the test boxes are packed exactly as we want. Plus, with the easy to use request process we have also become much more flexible in being able to make minor changes to our kits. Hive actively supports this flexibility, implementing changes quickly and proactively giving feedback on how we can optimize fulfillment speed and further reduce our costs”, explains Anna-Lena Knoth, Team Lead Logistics.

Because of how exact the kitting requests can be, the team at vetevo were able to increase their customer satisfaction due to the high order accuracy rate. “We barely ever receive complaints from customers that something is wrong with the package as the accuracy is so high. This also means we save money and time on returns.” – Anna-Lena.

Batch tracking for long-lasting test boxes

Some products in the vetevo offering have expiry dates, so tracking certain SKU batches is very important to Mareile and her team. Some products are sold in yearly packages meaning the customer uses them over a whole year. That is why it is important that customers do not receive products that would expire within this year period.

“In the past, with our old logistics provider, we had no way to track how much inventory we had of a particular batch. We also could not control which components with a certain expiry date were shipped to which customer. This was highly frustrating and led to having to dispose of some inventory due to it expiring.”

With Hive however, vetevo gets access to batch tracking, so Mareile and Anna-Lena can track which batch each SKU came from. This means they can avoid unnecessary new shipments, increase customer satisfaction and also have a much greater leverage in planning new orders and marketing campaigns.

Freeing up 7 hours of customer support time per month

Building a good relationship with the customer is important to vetevo, so freeing up customer support time to focus on bigger issues and have faster response times is key. 

One way that customer support is freed up is by their use of Hive’s address validation feature. This is a feature that checks inputted addresses and alerts the customer if something might be incorrect. Then, the customer can manually re-input the address themselves to make sure it gets to them on time and in the right place.

This means that vetevo’s customer support team are not swamped with requests about orders going missing, or needing to change addresses – the power is handed over to the customer instead. Because of this, the customer support team saves around seven hours per month, meaning they can focus on bigger topics and have more time for their customers.

A bright future together as growth partners

Looking forward, vetevo wants to grow together with Hive, possibly opening up in new markets where Hive is already active. Getting access to Hive’s fulfillment network will give the brand easy access to new markets as the operations are all in place already. This will free up the team’s time so that they can focus on marketing their test kits to help improve the health of pets across Europe.

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