Enable 1-2 day delivery across Europe with our multi-carrier solution

Get the best prices and delivery times to send your packages where, when, and how your customers need them.

Top-notch delivery to grow smarter

Reduce costs, time, and increase engagement by creating an outstanding customer experience.

Multi-carrier solution

Save time and money with our multi-carrier solution

Relying on a single carrier for your delivery can be limiting. Unlock more delivery options and get the best possible prices, delivery timing, and customer experience by using our multi-carrier solution for international and domestic shipments.

When sending internationally, our team will select the best carrier for your goods based on speed, quality and cost.

Transparent pricing

All-in-one pricing with no surprises

Hive breaks down complex last mile carrier pricing into one delivery price - with no hidden costs for our customers. Plus, we negotiate our carrier contracts regularly to achieve price improvements for our merchants.

Grow internationally

Deliver internationally with ease

Grow into new markets by using our pan-EU network of fulfillment centers, or by using direct injection via our partners to send your packages internationally quickly and at low cost. Give your international customers the local delivery experience.

As a 3PL partner with experience in international shipping, we can also help you manage customs declarations. Save time on the nitty-gritty of international delivery and invest in what makes your business grow.

Higher conversion

Increase your conversion rate with multiple delivery options

Offer your customer varied options for domestic and international delivery such as parcel points, express delivery, cash on delivery, and more. Give your customers across Europe the delivery experience they want.

Transparent and shareable data

Keep your team and your customers informed with transparent data

Through the Hive app, you have transparent data about delivery timings and can access delivery analytics to optimize your processes.

Impress your customer by offering them updates on delivery status and timings, and get them excited for their order to arrive.

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Phillip, Mathias, Frederick, and Moritz

Co-founders and Head of Operations at Holy Energy

With Hive, fulfillment in new markets becomes plug-and-play.


Founder at Jack Beauty

Hive’s Pan-EU fulfillment with automated inventory distribution reduced our delivery time to 1 day.

Ela Mo

Founder of Ela Mo

In this constantly changing environment, it is especially important to us that we are working with a partner which is always looking out for and analyzing the most competitive terms.

Closest Loop
Leo and Nick

Founders of Closest Loop

We were super happy to have Hive on our side to support us not only with fulfillment, but with operations knowledge to help us grow.


Founder at Matchday

We cut our out-of-stock situations by 50% thanks to the bundling and partial fulfillment feature.

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