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Marketing and customer engagement

Social Heaven

Goodbye ad fatigue, hello UGC Performance Ads! Social Heaven scripts, shoots, and edits UGC into high-converting ads, dedicated to power-boost your sales.
Webshop development and analytics

Code for brands

Code for Brands are experts in all things Shopify and code, helping their clients turn complex systems into scalable, successful and attractive shops.
Finance and insurance


Data driven, revenue based financing for your marketing spend.
Finance and insurance


Revenue based funding for early stage, high growth start-ups.
Finance and insurance


Revenue based financing to fuel your inventory spend.
Finance and insurance


Silvr provides easy to access, scalable and non-dilutive financing solutions. It has developed a unique tool that predicts future revenues and transforms them into immediate cash flow, all available in just 24 hours.
Finance and insurance


Full-suite insurance for your e-commerce business: from product liability, to profesional liability, to cyber risk, or equipment & warehousing.
Finance and insurance


Increase your revenue by up to 20% by offering your customers BNPL or the option to pay in installments.
Custom packaging and sustainability


Quick and simple packaging licensing to make all your packaging legally compliant to the German Packaging Act.
Accounting and taxation


Your partner for automated VAT processes, EU-wide VAT compliance, Intrastat & financial accounting via a single platform.
Accounting and taxation


Accountants and indirect tax specialists with expertise in global expansion.
Accounting and taxation


Your accounting platform integrating all your shop platforms, payment and billing provider.

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