E-commerce operations
that help you grow

Hive integrates with your shops and marketplaces, books your freight, picks and packs your orders, accelerates your delivery, and handles returns.
All to help your brand grow.

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Join 160+ companies already growing

Phillip, Mathias, Frederick, and Moritz

Co-founders and Head of Operations at Holy Energy

With Hive, fulfillment in new markets becomes plug-and-play.


Founder at Jack Beauty

Hive’s Pan-EU fulfillment with automated inventory distribution reduced our delivery time to 1 day.

Ela Mo

Founder of Ela Mo

In this constantly changing environment, it is especially important to us that we are working with a partner which is always looking out for and analyzing the most competitive terms.

Closest Loop
Leo and Nick

Founders of Closest Loop

We were super happy to have Hive on our side to support us not only with fulfillment, but with operations knowledge to help us grow.


Founder at Matchday

We cut our out-of-stock situations by 50% thanks to the bundling and partial fulfillment feature.

Fullfil efficiently

Single source fulfilment &
software for flexible scaling

Grow your brand with flexible, transparent, and automated fulfillment processes – all operated by Hive, your all-in-one solution.

Optimize your operations with multichannel integrations, D2C and B2B orders, custom packaging,
and smooth return handling. Set up bundles, partial fulfillment, and kitting with ease.

  • 99.6% Pick&pack accuracy
  • 100% Same-day fulfillment
  • 1 point of contact
Deliver faster

Unlock the EU market with 2-day delivery

Integrate with over fifteen delivery carriers and automatically distribute your inventory between five fulfillment centers to save you costs and time.

Boost your checkout conversion rate with multi-carrier, express and parcel point options.

  • 15+ carriers
Easy integration

Integrate seamlessly and manage orders across channels

Hive integrates with leading shop platforms, marketplaces, and ERPs to automate your order fulfillment. We provide your team with personal onboarding sessions to set all data up smoothly.

  • 10+ platforms
  • 20 min tech onboarding
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Hive - Efficient Freight PlaneHive - Efficient Freight Train
Efficient freight

Save time and money on freight forwarding

Simplify the freight process by letting Hive take over negotiation and communication. We can secure the best deal for your business.

Learn more about our freight services
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Custom packaging

Custom packaging design & procurement

Create an unboxing experience that makes it to your customers’ stories. We design, procure, and re-order for you.

Learn more about our holistic packaging service
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Manage your ordersTrack customer orders
Happy customers

Drive more revenue with happy customers

Keep your customer in the loop and drive down your CX team’s tickets with automated emails, a tracking portal, and easy returns.

Learn more about our customer experience offerings
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Sell across Europe

Scale your brand across EU borders

Customs, delivery times and costs, and inventory distribution are giving you a headache? Let us take that off your hands.

Learn more about pan-European operations with Hive
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Sustainable ChargingSustainable Packaging
Sustainable growth

Make your brand go green – all the way

Offer your customers a truly sustainable product by working with an operations partner who makes sustainability a priority themselves.

Learn more about sustainability at Hive
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