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How Hive helped Dreamin 101 grow 3X in 5 months

Dreamin 101, a leading seller of high-quality, made-in-Italy mattress toppers, pillows, and quilts, is growing quickly, having recently collaborated with Italian TV personality Bruno Barbieri. In July 2022, the team decided to entrust Hive with their operations to further this growth. Just one month later, the Dreamin101 team experienced an even higher order volume due to promotion on the Italian TV show 4 Hotel.

Bruno Barbieri's collaboration with dreamin101

Growth is a priority for the company, and quality and customer experience remain paramount. Dreamin 101 sees each new customer as an opportunity to invest in Lifetime Value (LTV) and gain a new loyal follower of the brand. Creating a quality shopping experience is key to customer satisfaction and retention. Therefore, a high quality post-purchase experience, powered by efficient logistics, is a lever for the company's success. This is what the collaboration between Dreamin 101 and Hive is based on.

Why Dreamin 101 chose Hive 

Dreamin 101 was founded in 2017 and has rapidly gained a significant share of the market since then. In 2022, the team's need to focus on marketing and sales promotion meant they needed external operational support.

"Outsourcing was a necessary step to make our brand as scalable as possible," explains Luca Giove, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Dreamin 101. The brand needed external logistics because it could not sustain the increase in demand. So why did they rely specifically on Hive?

"We chose Hive because of the comprehensive proposal and the convenience of monitoring and managing all operations with one app," Luca continues. "Plus, we were impressed with the great flexibility, the transparency of the offer and the presence of a dedicated account manager."

mattress topper from dreamin 101

Logistics as a key ingredient of success for e-commerce

Hive's mission is to provide comprehensive operational support along the entire supply chain, helping ecommerce merchants succeed – especially during peak periods such as Christmas or Black Friday. To ensure a positive unboxing experience for customers that meets brand promises, each step must be coordinated optimally. This includes email tracking to follow the package, shipping within the promised timeframe, and the ability to check delivery status at any time.

Every step must work to the best of its ability to ensure customers are fully satisfied with both the products and service. At each stage of the customer journey, brands have the opportunity to enhance and personalize the customer experience – for example, by including a flyer in packages or offering a branded portal to check shipment status.

For Dreamin 101, Black Friday was a critical time as they expected many new customers to be drawn in by discounts, and they wanted to make sure to retain them. The team chose Hive to guarantee customers a special unboxing experience and on-time shipments during the peak season. And Hive delivered on these high expectations.

How Hive and Dreamin 101 dealt with Christmas and Black Friday peaks

In preparation for the order boom of Christmas and Black Friday, Hive and Dreamin 101 organized every step to the best of their ability. Their goal was to respond quickly and effectively, while meeting customers' expectations for a high quality experience.

To make the most of this opportunity to grow their business, they followed these steps:

  1. They estimated expected orders to understand how to handle increasing daily volumes
  2. The team was highly involved and motivated to fulfill all orders without leaving a backlog
  3. They organized the team and warehouse to optimize fulfillment time
  4. All SKUs and packaging were in stock by the specified dates.

Dreamin 101's Plans for the Future

Luca tells us, "We definitely want to consolidate further in the Italian market, expanding our product range more and more. In the near future, we plan to expand into Europe with the help of Hive's various fulfillment centers."

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At Hive, we understand the needs of digital native and e-commerce D2C brands. Our mission is to meet these needs by supporting our clients in their expansion.

If you are looking for a new fulfillment and logistics partner, please contact us and request a quote here.

For tips on how to handle Black Friday, read our guide here.

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