Ship to 85% of your EU customers in two days.

Base your 3PL in the EU and deliver faster, spend less per parcel, and access a large, diverse community.
Why the European market can help your business grow
The European e-commerce market is booming. In 2021 it reached a value of $621 billion and that is only projected to increase in the coming years.

Entering the European market with a well-connected 3PL based on the continent can help you reach this lucrative market and seamlessly expand your operations across Europe.

Exploring the European market

Which countries are the biggest players?
The European e-commerce market is made up of 44 countries, with 27 of those making up a single trading zone, the European Union. The largest market within the EU is Germany, with 62.4 million e-commerce users. This is closely followed by the UK, though since Brexit, it can take a few extra steps to establish your business there. More on this below.

This diverse market is comfortable shopping online and wants to buy from EU retailers to avoid additional costs. They also expect fast shipping – around three days.
Get your orders delivered quickly, for a low price
The European market is used to fast shipping times. Fulfilling with Hive means you can meet these demands for a low price.

We will always choose the best carrier for each parcel depending on your preferences, the size, and destination, and negotiate great prices.

Plus, Hive fulfills all orders made before 12pm on the same day, making sure your products get to your community fast.
Reaching the UK
Since Brexit, shipping to the UK has become a little more complex. However, partnering with a European 3PL still offers cheaper, faster, and less complicated shipping when compared to shipping from anywhere outside of Europe.

Shipping to the UK from Germany or France currently takes 2-4 days.

Why do brands choose Hive as their European 3PL?

Your brand’s operational brain
Hive provides an all-in one logistics solution, combining software with fulfillment from our expanding pan-European network of fulfillment centers.

We offer fast, reliable shipping across Europe, and partner with country specific carriers to offer the local prices and customer experience.

Put your operations on autopilot with us and focus fully on your business’ growth.

Fulfillment by Hive, how it works

1. Connect
You can seamlessly connect your shop software to Hive, all without writing a single line of code.
2. Store
We can store your products in our warehouses in Berlin and Paris without volume or timing limits.
3. Pack
We know how much branding matters, so make sure you are able to customize your packaging to make it unique.
4. Deliver
We partner with all carriers and negotiate the best prices, including direct injection partners for fast internationalization.
5. Analyze
Stay on top of everything and plan better with real-time data, historical data, and forecasts on your dashboard.
6. Expand
We strive to help you grow. Our tools can help you to scale, and even expand your brand internationally.

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