Hive's Black Week Performance

Why Hive brands had their best Black Friday yet

  • 99.03% of Black Friday orders processed by Saturday
  • Volume increase of 55% while maintaining 99.9% accuracy
  • <1 day average click to dispatch time
  • 2.5 day average click to door time across Europe
  • A team 100% dedicated to our brands' happiness
Packing process
Packing Process
An unboxed package

What brands say about Hive's BFCM performance

Caps Me black friday
Caps Me

Congratulations on the excellent Black Friday and Cyber Monday performance!

Jander Black Friday

The results have been exceptional: efficient logistics, very few setbacks, those that occurred were solved immediately!

Doog life black friday
The Doog Life

The orders went out so fast! People have said to me that they arrived super quickly, in 24-48 hours.

holy black friday

Insane performance from the whole Hive team. Thank you so much! Craziest week of our journey so far and you aced it!


Black Friday orders processed by Saturday


Fulfillment accuracy


Highly dedicated team

Join 160+ brands winning at Black Friday

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The whole package that made it happen

Tech enabled fulfillment with over 99% accuracy from our network of fulfillment centers across Europe and the UK.
Hive App
Handle all of your operations in one place - stay on top of your inventory, manage restocking, and more.
Enable 1-2 day delivery across Europe with our multi-carrier solution. Get the best prices to send your packages where, when, and how your customers need them.
Custom packaging that wows your customers. Automate additions like flyers, free gifts, and get notified when it's time to restock.
Seamlessly book freight via the Hive App to make sure you are always fully stocked.
Customer Portal
Give your customer control with package tracking and return generation. Use upselling opportunities to get your community coming back for more.

Come behind the scenes

Take a sneak peek at how we managed Black Friday orders across our fulfillment centers.

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