Why choose Hive?

Connect your shop software to hive.app
Seamlessly integrate your shop software into Hive via API with just a few clicks – it is a no-code-solution. Choose the SKUs you want to fulfill with us and which carriers you want to use.
Store your inventory
Send your stock to our fulfillment center, we store it for you – without restrictions on volume or timing. Easily announce incoming stock, without limitations. We will be ready to restock upon arrival and share pictures
with you.
We pack – what you want, how you want
We pack your products according to your requests and are happy to help you find the perfect packaging. Sustainability and branding matters – that is why we make both a priority.
We hand over to your last-mile carrier
We know each industry has its own needs. That is why we partner with all carriers and negotiate the best prices for you, including direct injection partners for fast internationalization.
Track, analyse, plan. Scale.
Stay on top of things and plan better with real-time data, historical data, and forecasts on your dashboard.