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How Hive helps nevernot put D2C fulfillment on autopilot to grow their business

The best partnerships are based on trust, feedback, and evolving together. This approach to business is what brings together Berlin-based sexual wellness brand nevernot and their fulfillment partner Hive.

Katharina Trebitsch and Anna Kössel founded nevernot in 2020 with the mission to give intimate wellness products the same status and quality as cosmetics and beauty products. After launching their soft tampons, the founding pair turned to further intimate wellness products and soon exploded in the DACH market. They developed a strong community and are constantly evolving their products based on customer feedback.

Katharina and Anna, co-founders of nevernot

The team soon turned to Hive to take over direct-to-consumer (D2C) fulfillment. The majority of their business is in D2C with their highly engaged online community. Scaling their business effectively meant getting the right fulfillment partner with the same attitude towards flexibility and iteration based on feedback.

“We were looking for a partner with the same startup mindset as we have – who would react flexibly to our feedback, and who was ambitious to do things better.” Annika, operations manager at nevernot.

Time saving and transparency with the Hive App

For the team at nevernot, one key deciding factor for them was finding a partner which could offer them time saving through easy to use software. Annika is keen to spend her time on B2B partnerships so needed total trust from a D2C fulfillment partner that could offer her transparency and efficient fulfillment.

“The best thing about working with Hive is for sure the app”, explains Annika. “It’s super easy to get a quick overview of our orders, to see what has been fulfilled, and if something is missing. I can easily check up on any orders and see how things are proceeding without having to spend too much time on it.”

For Annika, having a trusted partner to take care of D2C orders allows her to spend her time focusing on bigger B2B partners to help grow nevernot’s presence in drugstores. “Being able to trust Hive with D2C orders and check up on them easily in the app means I can focus my energy on other strategic operational projects to grow nevernot.”

“I always have the Hive App open” – Annika.

porducts from nevernot

Easy problem solving and planning gets nevernot a returns rate of zero

Another key time-saving factor for Annika is the ease with which she can see reports. “Accessing all the data I need is super easy. I can see an overview or more detailed reports at the click of a button. This helps me with problem solving and planning.”

The team at nevernot are particularly interested in seeing the returns rate. Since the nevernot products are used for intimate hygiene, they cannot be resold after they have been opened. This means that the team pays special attention to why items might have been returned, and the state they are in when they reach the fulfillment center again.

Working with Hive means they are given a picture of all returned packages which helps them solve any potential recurring problems. For example, they noticed recurring problems with some of their packaging which they were able to amend with their next product range.

“As a startup it is important to us to optimize customer experience so returns rate is something we look at closely,” explains Annika.

“This number is also valuable when we speak to investors so we place a lot of importance on it.” Because of their close attention, the team has successfully managed to get their return rate down to 0 in the past 28 days.

Taking responsibility for end customer happiness

Handing over D2C fulfillment is more than just what happens in the fulfillment center. Working with a 3PL partner means trusting that the package will reach the end customer quickly and safely, giving them what they want, when they want it.

“Hive plays a huge role in ensuring our end customer satisfaction”, Annika says. Since D2C makes up the bulk of nevernot’s orders, having a smooth post purchase experience is key for growing their brand.

Since working with Hive, nevernot has been able to deliver in 2.8 days on average in Germany. This helps them increase customer satisfaction and generate good reviews on sites like Trustpilot, which drives new customers to the brand.

“It’s great that Hive is constantly looking for new partners and negotiating the best prices for delivery”, says Annika. She has been able to offer nevernot customers multiple delivery options at checkout, increasing chances of conversion.

For example, in Berlin, customers have the flexibility to choose between DHL, Hermes, and carbon neutral bike delivery with delivery startup Liefergrün.

nevernot soft tampons and menstrual cup

Building a more sustainable world together

Working with Liefergrün is just one of many steps both companies are taking towards being more sustainable. Hive has been able to support nevernot in their sustainability efforts.

The nevernot community is highly invested in seeing sustainable action and the team has listened to their feedback. Alongside sustainable delivery options, nevernot has changed their tampon packaging to be vacuum packed for optimal packaging usage, and has begun using glass bottles for their further product ranges, such as for their new intimate massage oil.

Using glass means the risk of breakage, but the Hive team are used to dealing with glass cosmetics. They make sure to handle and pack these products carefully to ensure they reach the end customer in perfect condition. In addition, the team packs these orders in Hive Standard Materials, which are always 100 percent recyclable.

nevernot soft tampons flat packed to save packaging space

Taking on the DACH market together

What is the future for nevernot and Hive’s partnership? Taking further product ranges into the german-speaking market. The team at nevernot is keen to develop further products in the wellness industry, furthering their mission of breaking taboos and integrating intimate health into people’s wellness routines.

As for Annika, she is excited to increase her B2B activity knowing that D2C is in safe hands.

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