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Amazon – Fulfillment by Merchant with Hive

Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) provides a convenient fulfillment option to merchants,
however, it comes with variable fees, packaging restrictions and strict inventory expectations.

By switching to FBM with Hive you get streamlined fulfillment, best-in-class technology,
custom branding, transparent fees and a dedicated support team.

Hive – Your alternative to FBA

Amazon x Hive integration
Seamlessly integrate your Amazon-seller account into Hive via API with our no-code solution in just a few minutes to start fulfilling your Amazon FBM orders. 

Stay on top of your inventory and order management with real-time data and forecasts available in Hive’s analytics dashboard and set reorder alarms to avoid inventory stockouts.
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Fulfilment center
Distributed inventory across multiple fulfillment centers
Distribute your inventory across Hive’s pan-European network of fulfillment centers to be closest to your customers without any limitation on restock quantity or timing. 

With distributed inventory, lower your delivery costs and meet customer expectations by offering 2-day delivery without the stringent requirements of Amazon Prime.
Tell your brand’s story with custom packaging
Bring your brand to life through custom packaging that reflects your brand identity and give your customers a memorable unboxing experience with a unique first impression.

At Hive, we offer sustainable and personalized packaging, keeping your brand front and center of the customer’s journey.
Bonus perk: Hive makes sure your customers will never receive a small item in a big box ever again.
Custom packaging
Shipping and delivery
Fast, cost-effective, and sustainable shipping
Achieve the same pick, pack, and direct-to-consumer shipping speeds as Amazon Prime – without the surprise fees.As a conscious brand, environmentally-friendly shipping is crucial.

At Hive we offer carbon-neutral delivery options helping you incorporate sustainability into your e-commerce brand’s operations.
Customer Support in under 90 minutes
The Hive team works as an extension to your brand and strives to provide the best customer support. We not only provide the technology and infrastructure to automate your e-commerce brand’s operation needs, we also provide dedicated customer support for you to achieve that.

Our dedicated support team helps you every step of the way from launching, to fulfillment, to scaling your brand and efficiently resolving any and every problem on the way.
Customer support

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