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Accessory Fulfillment

For your accessory brand, it is crucial to choose a fulfillment solution
that puts your customers first. We ensure the greatest customer
experience when fulfilling your orders from customized packaging
to fast delivery. 

Whether you are selling handbags, hats, sunglasses, jewels,
or mobile accessories, Hive’s 3PL solutions cover all of your logistics

Why do accessory brands choose Hive as a 3PL partner?

Your accessory brand’s first impression
Choosing the right, most appealing packaging for your brand’s accessories is the first step in creating a unique and personalized customer experience. 

Our fulfillment team supports you in all kinds of customization. In case you ever run out of your own packaging, we always keep enough of Hive’s brown boxes at hand.

If you have an unboxing dream and need help bringing it to life, we have partners who offer ideal packaging solutions for e-commerce brands. Check our Hive partners page.

our team packing your orders with custom packaging
mobile application to track order status
Expertise in customer support and success
Our CX team supports you and takes care of any kind of request. We provide fast responses and efficient solutions by responding to your concerns with care and professionalism.

You can also get your own branded application from Hive, where your customers can track their orders and easily announce returns that we will process for you. 

By partnering with Hive, you save customer support time for your team and can focus on scaling your accessory brand.

B2C and B2B under the same roof
With our support, you can easily manage your B2C and B2B businesses from one single source with zero complexity.

For B2C, Hive always makes sure that you are creating an individualized experience for your customer.
person managing his business from one single source
satisfied customer after receiving her parcel
At your customer's doorstep – on time
After carefully packing your accessories, we offer a wide range of delivery options and help you choose the best carrier for each parcel. You can benefit from up to 30 percent cheaper delivery rates by using Hive's pre-negotiated prices (optional). 

A 3PL partner with a global fulfillment network allows you to expand your customer base and enter new markets.

This is why we have multiple fulfillment centers in Europe, and by distributing your stock across all locations, you ensure your accessories can quickly reach all of your customers.

Full stock control and transparency
Using our multi-channel sync feature, you can integrate multiple online shops into our fulfillment software and get a real-time overview and monitoring of inventory levels.

Hive offers you in-house logistics combined with its easy-to-use software to ensure operational excellence.

When you choose Hive as a 3PL solution, you only pay for what you need. Check our Hive pricing page.

team monitoring stock level
people meeting to arrange a smooth move
Simple and efficient onboarding process
We understand that changing your 3PL partner can be unsettling and time-consuming. Our team organizes your fulfillment center move so you don’t have to worry about it. We enable you to quickly start fulfilling your orders with us. 

Your personal and technical onboarding comes with zero fees. After launching with Hive, your account manager will stay by your side at every step. 

If you started fulfilling orders from one of our fulfillment centers' locations and want to test another one, we are happy to plan and prepare for your expansion.

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What accessory brands say about Hive

Co-founders at Yepoda beauty brand
Hive is providing the right solution, combining great software with the right processes. What we love most about being a Hive customer is not only their reliability and speed but also their proactive support in optimizing our whole supply chain- going far beyond fulfillment.
Benjamin Berndt
CEO & Founder at Rookie Baby
Founder at Jacks beauty line cosmetics brand
Hive offers us an all-in-one fulfillment solution tailored to our needs. Their international expansion allows us to enter new markets with ease while their multi-channel feature enables us to serve multiple marketplaces out of one central inventory.
Hagen Streit & Flemming Kuhl
Co-founders at Souleway


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